Virto-Cuccolini and water reuse in PET recycling process

As we could observe in this article, the reuse of natural or artificial resources is at the center of circular economy.

Within the context of this wide and multi-faceted topic, the applications offered by the complete range of Virto-Cuccolini vibrating screens allow not only to separate particles of material that can be reused within other production processes, as a new product or ingredient; but also to free the industrial processing water from coarse particles and so to carry out a first filtration.

This is the case of our water separation application within PET recycling process.

After collection and selection of bottles by types and / or colors, typically the plastic is ground into particles greater than 0.5 mm. After the grinding process, the particles are washed to eliminate residues drinks, glue and labels.

This is where our VLM liquid vibrating sieve comes into action; specifically set for this application, it separates PET particles from their washing water, which will then be reused for the next washing cycle.


In this way, Virto-Cuccolini contributes not only to the recycling of PET, but also to avoid wasting the water used for the recycling process itself.

CUCCOLINI is always unique and original.

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