New VTP product family within Virto-Cuccolini C-Line vibrating sieving equipment

Virto-Cuccolini is enriching its range of vibrating sieves with a new product family, dedicated to pneumatic conveying.

The first item within this new family is VTP 800 1/X, a single deck vibrating sieve especially studied for pneumatic feeding and discharge.

This unit’s typical task is to perform safety sieving before main ingredients like flour, sugar or similar powders are loaded into – or unloaded from – silos or other containers.

Due to the continuous and high-capacity operation of the sieve, the inspection hole on top has a fundamental role for the operators to check the quantity of oversize and plan when to stop the system and clean the sieve.

Our VTP product family is going to be enriched with further units and sizes during the next period.

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