Fine particles filtering by Virto-Cuccolini C-Line in underwater pelletizing

It may not be that obvious that vibrating sieves can also be used for water filtering applications.

Virto-Cuccolini vibrating sieves can be also used as filters in industrial applications where water is used as a washing or cooling medium, and with very good efficiency results.

During the most recent years, underwater pelletizing has caught on as an alternative to traditional pelletizing. Within this context, tempered water is used to cool down the hot plastic pellets as soon as they have encountered the cutter blade, at the extruder’s exit.

This tempered water is filtered from coarser particles by an integrated rectangular sieve, to separate plastic pellets from water.

However, Virto-Cuccolini’s efficient sieving technology is rather applied to the finer particles sieving process required before sending used water back into its piping. Finer particles at this stage can reach even 150 µm – that’s why a sieving system with a higher separating accuracy is needed.

To reach this objective, we are offering VLM sieves from our C-Line range.

VLB and VLM sieves are dedicated to solid-liquid separation and are engineered for different objectives:

  • VLB for applications where the product is rather dense and needs to be dewatered;
  • VLM for applications where the main product is liquid; like water recovery – as we could observe in this specific case

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