Mesh cleaning methods in Virto-Cuccolini sieves range

Mesh cleaning is the core of sieving techniques.

Efficient sieving takes place when the mesh is clean, i.e. the product particles do not remain entangled within the mesh apertures, and the particles with smaller dimension than the cut point (that is, the required mesh size) are free to flow below the mesh.

Particles may entangle due to their stickiness or to their irregular shape.

How can we keep the mesh always clean, letting the sieving process run smoothly and without obstacles?

Within Virto-Cuccolini sieving equipment range, five different solutions are offered:

cleaners like rubber balls (for powders) or plastic cylinders (for powders and liquids): thanks to these elements jumping or sliding below the mesh, additional vibrations are created on the mesh and particles are pushed to fall – this solution applies to C-Line vibrating sieves and T-Line tumblers; the minimum applicable cut point is 100 µm


Mesh cleaning balls


Mesh cleaning cylinders

overmesh cleaning system: polyurethane elements, installed on top of the mesh, can prevent clogging caused from irregular or sticky, dry material by pushing it through the mesh’s wires – this solution applies to T-line tumblers.

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Ultrasonic system


Overmesh cylinders

ultrasonic system (for powders only) to be installed on the mesh: this is a more sophisticated system, which excites the mesh wires by matching their resonance, this causes the apertures to open a bit, letting the stuck particles flow down – this solution applies to C-Line vibrating sieves and T-Line tumblers; the minimum applicable cut point is 25 µm

the innovative X-Line multi-frequency screening technology (both for powders and liquids): this specific screens range is studied to keep the mesh always free from product particles, thanks to the multi-frequency technology applying up to 500 G directly on the mesh – minimum applicable cut point tested so far is 5 µm and product flow rate is higher than the ultrasonic system.

Of course, when analyzing your request, our sales team is focused on offering you our most suitable solution for your case both in terms of performance and cost/benefit comparison.

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