The know-how behind Virto-Cuccolini sieves

A sieve is an ancient tool, born in agriculture, to easily separate fine products of different sizes through a mesh thanks to the simple shaking with the hands.


This simple technology has been transferred to the industrial world to serve the most diverse applications and still has room to spread along with production innovations.

From the simplicity of the agricultural sieve, Virto-Cuccolini over time has developed screens with configurations that are always adapted not only to the application but also to the specific context of use.

In fact, the range of Virto-Cuccolini screens includes:

– 3 different screening technologies to choose from the most suitable for the specific case:

– in each product family, models suitable for different screening objectives (safety screening, classification, dedusting, solid / liquid separation)

a wide range of sizes in order to satisfy the different capacity requests

4 different finishing levels, from basic to food (2 types) and finally to pharmaceutical

– an infinite range of meshes in stainless steel, nylon, polyurethane and with meshes from 7-10 microns to 2 cm, depending on the product to be screened

several automatic mesh cleaning systems to keep it free from clogging and always efficient

different methods of installing the screening mesh, also depending on the maintenance habits of each individual customer

more stages of separation in case of classification (from 2 to 4)

– variants, tricks and adjustments that allow the screen to be adapted to the behaviour of the product on the mesh to obtain the maximum possible efficiency

– some versions with compact dimensions that are well suited to any installation context

A Virto-Cuccolini sieve is not “just a sieve”: it is the fruit of the sieving culture developed by Virto-Cuccolini, which not only treasures over 30 years of industrial experience but continues every day in experimentation and development alongside our customers with an experienced team, always open to test new solutions.

A Virto-Cuccolini sieve is, above all, YOUR sieve: made just for you, always looking for the best relationship between price and the level of quality and performance you are looking for. Contact us to find out more using the form below!

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