Zero Gap Discharge: newest innovation at Virto-Cuccolini for C-Line range

Our Virto-Cuccolini team is used to innovate while daily responding to our Customers’ requests.

It’s exactly there, where the magic begins: one Customer’s request can indicate a need for what turns out to be a wider group of applications and our team has always in mind the opportunity to push our technology a little further.

That’s how our Zero Gap Discharge System for C-Line vibrating sieves is born.

The oversize product might – under some specific conditions – find it a bit harder to overcome some small gap and flow freely to discharge. Or maybe, this effort can create a transformation in the oversize product itself, and change some product features, on which quality and/or the rest of the production cycle is relying for some reason. A particularly valuable product should be even damaged in value and performance by discharge issues.

Eliminating any gap in front of sieve discharge is therefore giving the chance to improve the sieving process under some collateral aspects like particles shape and integrity of their aspect and features.

This week we have completed the construction of the first VPM 1200 from our C-Line range with the new Zero Gap Discharge System.

Watch the below video to see how it works:

Is product residual after sieving a headache for you? Contact us to learn more about our Zero Gap Discharge System and check whether this can be a solution for you!

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