Glass recovery and classification of ceramic frits with Virto-Cuccolini

As a manufacturer of industrial sieves and screens, Virto-Cuccolini has the opportunity to go through the supply chains that recycle valuable products, such as glass, in this case. Let’s follow this path together!


Glass has always been a 100% recoverable material. After crushing, glass fragments can be put back into the production cycle to create new objects.

The most recent developments in the glass market require increasing attention to the separation of the fragments, to identify the materials of greatest value or technical interest by grain size.

A part of these fragments is also sold to the ceramic industry for the preparation of raw materials. Glass particles are treated to form grit or ceramic frit with great attention to their particle size parameters, in order to determine the best possible composition and obtain a final product (tiles, dishes) with the desired technical and decorative characteristics.

In this case too, Virto-Cuccolini, with the T-Line tumbler screen, is able to effectively classify grits according to their dimensions, thus supporting our customers in this industry in creating different and efficiently divided products, according to the desired dimensions.

Here is an example of one of our tumblers installed in Italy.

This is also the goal of our X-Line multi-frequency screens, which have long been used in the glass recycling industry to extract the most valuable parts for an increasingly demanding sector.

In the photo alongside, you can see one of our X-Line installed at an Italian glass recycling company.

Do you want to learn more about how we can help you with glass recycling? Contact us for more information!

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