Careful selection of raw materials for technical ceramics with Virto-Cuccolini

Technical ceramic – or advanced ceramic – is a material developed from ceramic raw materials, that allows giving an object particular characteristics, such as electrical, insulating, magnetic, optical, mechanical features, resistance to high temperatures or abrasion.

The application of ceramic solutions to industrial components starts from a careful selection of raw materials – similarly to what occurs in the production of tiles, dishes and sanitaryware.

Before mixing, it is necessary to obtain homogeneous powders (zirconium oxide, alumina, silicon nitrides, etc.) in size, typically starting from a product in granules.

Here Virto-Cuccolini’s experience in the ceramic sector comes into play at this stage; from there, we have gained the necessary knowledge to handle ceramic raw materials selection correctly.

Depending on the desired particle size, our C-Line vibrating sieves can classify the product from granules to different grades of dust, to guarantee an always correct and repeatable result.

Are you looking for a vibrating screen for the selection of ceramic raw materials? You are in the right place, contact us by filling out the form below and we will be happy to give you our support to identify the right machine for your case!

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