Efficiently separating tea leaves with a Virto-Cuccolini C-Line circular sieve

Vibrating sieving technology does not just apply to powders, but to solid products too.

In this case, we had the opportunity to check our C-Line circular vibrating sieve efficiency on a product sample of tea flowers, leaves and dust/waste we had received from a pharmaceutical Company, also active in the segment of nutraceutical and wellness products in Southern Europe.

As you can see from below video, our C-Line is able to separate the product by putting together 2 sieving processes:

  • safety sieving: i.e. flowers separated from the main product
  • dedusting: i.e. tea leaves (intermediate product) separated from dust and waste

Our sieving process is efficient and quick, compared to the type of product which is voluminous and irregular in shape.

Are you looking for a similar solution for your plant-based products? We are available to test a sample of your product: contact us by filling the form below!

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