A word from Virto-Cuccolini’s new CEO, Ms Katia Motta

Dear Customers, Suppliers, Partners,


It is with great pleasure that I welcome my appointment as CEO of Cuccolini Srl by the Company’s owner, Virto Group. When I started my cooperation with Cuccolini as a strategy consultant back in 2018, I could not imagine that about 30 months later I would have been entrusted to cover this role – moreover, during a period while the whole world is going through a great, historical change in business dynamics.

Virto-Cuccolini is undergoing a complete transformation, which these challenging times have given the advantage to come at the right moment. Not only we are reorganizing our market presence by consolidating and building upon the experience created during 30 years of sieves supplies to a wide and multifaceted range of industries; we are also doing this by constantly adapting ourselves to a new mentality, which puts change at the centre of our daily routine.

Change pushes people to measure their abilities within a different context than the usual one. This enables learning new skills and looking at reality from different perspectives. It helps to open our minds and to find a new balance, clearing out our thoughts towards what matters. Our team proved to be the right one to follow this journey and therefore, is set to let the Company grow faster than expected.


Within such a context, investment is the key. As long as trusted people are able to keep doing their daily job by tackling any issue that may arise in an unstable environment like the one we are living in, it means that a solid basis is available to look ahead and plan the immediate future. This is Virto-Cuccolini now, and we are happy to serve the market every single day of this unpredictable era.

I thank Virto Group and the Cuccolini team for their constant support and shared responsibility in going through this unbelievable challenge. I am happy to offer my 20-year long experience in Bulk Handling Industry with the aim to support the Company reaching their growth objectives.

May year 2021 be a fruitful one for all of our Customers, Suppliers, Partners and Stakeholders!

Ms Katia Motta

CEO & General Manager

Cuccolini Srl – Virto Group

December 2020

Here are all Virto-Cuccolini publications on Tecnalimentaria:

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    A new brand is born at Cuccolini Srl.

    We are happy to celebrate in 2020 our first 30 years of presence in the ceramic industry and we invite you to discover our new brand and website:


    Click on the above link and enjoy!

    Dear Customers, dear Suppliers,

    Virto-Cuccolini Headquarters being located in Northern Italy, we are experiencing the uncertainty produced by this global pandemic from the middle of one of its biggest Western crisis centers.

    Italy is unfortunately more frequently than not at the center of the international news for calamities.

    Earthquakes, flooding, other types of disasters are emergencies that we know quite well. We are not known for being particularly good at disasters prevention, even if we seem to improve; however, we learned during the years to be particularly good at being able to recover quickly.

    Virto-Cuccolini’s mindset during this unprecedented pandemic is to look for the elements that day-to-day are showing us the way forward, taking into account the specific safety and health measures we need to undergo to protect ourselves from contagion.

    Virto-Cuccolini is a Company profoundly rooted into industrial production of many different sectors with its 74 years of worldwide presence. Even if this Covid-19 emergency is hitting all of us like an economic tsunami, industrial production for primary goods and to enable primary services shall go on for the sake of everyone on our planet. Food, pharmaceuticals, hygiene goods, fuel, electronics, waste management shall continue to be produced, also thanks to our sieving and screening technology, and to support our daily life as usual or even in higher quantity.

    This is why we think we should not let this new, dramatic and even mind-blowing situation hinder us from thinking about solutions.

    Being able to keep on supplying the necessary support in terms of machines, spare parts, assistance to these industries, even taking into account delays, obstacles to be overcome, and safety and health measures to be maintained, is a way for us not just to participate into this global emergency with our contribution; but also to rethink our job as a fundamental step to lay the track to the next future. A future about which we only know now that the very core of this emergency will accompany us for a significantly long period.

    Italy is the first Country facing the highest peak of the pandemic in the Western world.

    Even through the deepest pain for the deaths and the sorrow of our people, we feel the responsibility to open the way to other Countries with a resilience model that can be shared as the emergency is rising everywhere. We are not perfect, but sharing experience is the very first step to find the best solutions and keep on living. The main concept to overcome this period is responsibility, at its highest level of daily practice, and based on this we keep on building the future.

    Our Virto-Cuccolini team is at your full disposal to find solutions and go through this time of uncertainty together. Communication technology is supporting us, so there is no obstacle to dialogue and learning new communication dynamics.

    Our message in these shocking times is letting resilience pave our way. And we are here to share this.

    Your Virto-Cuccolini team

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      Coronavirus emergency is striking globally – and this means we have all to unite our forces to overcome this issue.

      Virto-Cuccolini’s site is in Reggio Emilia, Northern Italy, an area which is now under strict control by authorities in the effort to reduce contagion at its minimum.

      Among our Customers are pharmaceutical, food Companies and other business producing basic necessities: we know very well that we cannot stop our production for them and their Customers.

      On the contrary: we have arranged our production with smart solutions which are enabling us not only to maintain, but also to increase our support in terms of spare parts – so that primary businesses can seamlessly go on with their work.

      We are also taking care of our team’s necessities by arranging smart working for employees whenever it is possible and by reorganising our production rooms accordingly.

      So we are proudly remaining active and responding at our best to this unprecedented situation, knowing that whenever sieving equipment is required for main needs, Virto-Cuccolini is there at your side.

      Should you need to contact our smart working sales department, please use the below form and we will contact you back at soonest!

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        Dear customers and suppliers,
        Thanks for the kind messages of the past few hours.

        June 12 update:

        To allow our customers to make up for a lost time during lockdown periods in Italy and abroad, Virto-Cuccolini has decided to remain OPEN all summer and continue delivering regularly. Click here for more information.

        June 03 update:

        People mobility inside the Italian territory and through Italian borders is now free. Covid19 Safety norms are maintained for the moment in all public and closed environments. Deliveries delays within our supply chain are now limited to the minimum. The general sanitary situation is monitored on a daily basis by our local institutions so that a red zone might be established only where needed.

        May 04 update:

        Restrictions to our business type have been finally released by the Italian Government following the April 26 Decree. Our production is resuming back in full starting from May 04 with orders backlog from March. We expect some delays coming from those suppliers of goods/services which suffered the most due to the lockdown; to be clarified within the first two weeks of May. Also shipments may register delays due to the high volume of shipping activities. We invite you to check with our Sales and Backoffice Dept. about goods deliveries.

        April 10 update:

        Following the latest decree by the Italian Government, Virto-Cuccolini’s operations are continuing with below specifications:

        – all of our office activities remain active in home working mode to receive your orders, issue quotations and deliver you necessary information about our operations

        – our production activities will be focused on delivery of urgent spare parts for all food and primary goods and service business worldwide until May 03 (currently foreseen date for end of lockdown), provided that those activities are included into the Annex 1 list of the March 25 Government Decree plus the derogations introduced on April 10 (please consult our offices directly)

        – given current emergency situation, delivery times are subject to delays; please check with our shipping department about status of your orders and shipments

        This page will be updated as soon as we receive further instructions from our Government.

        You can use below form to post questions and contact requests about any topic of your interest.

        Once again, thank you for your support.

        Your Virto-Cuccolini team.

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          Here is our article on Tecnalimentaria, 2020 Russian Edition

          CUCCOLINI is always unique and original.


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            “I hope you realize that every day is a fresh start for you. That every sunrise is a new chapter in your life waiting to be written.”
            ― Juansen Dizon, Confessions of a Wallflower

            Virto-Cuccolini team is going on vacation from Dec 21, 2019 to Jan 06, 2020.

            For any urgent matter, please write to us through the form here below, we’ll answer at soonest.

            Enjoy your holidays, we’ll be back soon!

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              Here is our article on African Mining Brief Magazine, Nov/Dec 2019 Edition

              Full digital copy of this African Mining Brief Magazine edition can be downloaded here.

              VIRTO changes the screening game.


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                Some postcards from our participation at major European exhibitions this fall;

                with many thanks to all of our existing and new Customers from our Virto-Cuccolini team for visiting us at our booths, exchanging information about most recent market developments, new projects and innovations, collecting your wishlist for new items and features!

                Stay tuned for our new 2020 exhibition program!

                CUCCOLINI is always unique and original.


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