Virto-Cuccolini in the front row for you at SOLIDS Parma

Virto-Cuccolini, exhibiting at SOLIDS Parma to present its new screening solutions


From June 14th to 15th, the Italian edition of SOLIDS, the trade show for granules, powders and bulk material handling, will take place for the first time in Parma Fiere. Virto-Cuccolini’s booth is number C01 and will literally be in the front row to showcase its sieving solutions for solid and liquid separation and classification.

Furthermore, new vibrating sieving equipment specific ranges for innovative sectors will be introduced: recovery of metal powders in Additive Manufacturing AM or the already well-known superfood spirulina harvesting; and also the new multi-frequency sieving system, specific for the pharmaceutical sector and critical or fine powders.

Additionally, in the Aftermarket Division area you will be able to directly meet those who work beside you to guarantee Virto-Cuccolini’s vibrating sieves excellent and long-lasting performance through our specialized Spare Parts Services, and technical advice on periodic maintenance and assistance.

Finally, Virto-Cuccolini will be happy to receive its visitors accompanied by the Cuccolini Center & Southern Italy detachment, whose participation will promote the new exclusive partnership project to strengthen the presence of Virto-Cuccolini in the whole Italian territory.


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One of our most well-known quality points as far as our sieves design is concerned is the way we provide that your Virto-Cuccolini C-Line sieving equipment is perfectly sealed, with the aim to avoid product leakage and dispersion inside the sieve.

Why is sealing so important in sieves’ design?

There are many reasons for preventing the product from leaking through the seals of the mesh support ring and/or through the deck borders:

food product may create mustiness in case it gets stuck in some dead-end areas in the sieve

high-value product could be dispersed if the sealing system is not working properly

– in solid-liquid separation, a leaking design could cause loss of liquid product, apart from damages caused to the sieve itself or to the surrounding area



During our 30-year long experience in the ceramic industry – where we had the occasion to learn how to sieve powders, granules, pastes and liquids under particularly challenging production objectives – we conceived our sealings and our general sieve design by taking care that the product is never leaking (of course, if maintenance is done correctly!) or dispersed inside the sieve.


Maintenance of Virto-Cuccolini C-Line sealings is easy:

– gaskets (available in silicon, EPDM and Viton) can be easily replaced

– they are basically of 2 types: one embracing the mesh supporting ring (and holding the mesh cleaning system, when included); and one sitting underneath the deck to protect the mesh in the contact areas

Sealing is finalized by the active presence of the installed decks and of the external fixing ring so that sealing adherence is made perfect, that dead areas with product residues are avoided, and that – in the first place – the product in the sieving area is never really getting in touch with the sealing area!

Replacement of gaskets is suggested at least once a year, especially if the replacement of mesh rings is frequent due to the change of cut point necessary to your sieving process.

Would you like to discover more about our sealing system and other technical aspects of Virto-Cuccolini sieves’ range? Contact us by using the below form and we will be happy to give you more information!

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    CUCCOLINI is always unique and original.


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      Particle size in powder coating production is critical for the creation of high quality final products within required specifications.

      Every powder coating producer is tightly regulating their process in order to always achieve best possible results. After the micronizing stage, the powder mixture is sieved in order to select the required particle size range and have it free from contaminations which might manipulate the high electrostatic charge their powder coating is designed for.

      Powder coating components (among which metal oxides or pigments) are dry, yet prone to agglomeration. Moreover, they tend to blind the mesh and therefore, an efficient cleaning system is always needed in a screening application, in order to keep the process fluid.

      Traditional vibrating sieves, usually employed in this industry, represent however some limits: their metallic meshes may leave traces into the sieved product following the application of mechanical or ultra-sonic cleaning systems. On the other hand, by eliminating the cleaning option, it is difficult to achieve screening of fine particle sizes. Finally, in order to overcome the blinding issue, screening precision is frequently sacrificed, with mesh aperture typically selected at a bigger size than it should.

      It is here that Virto-Cuccolini’s patented multi-frequency X-Line screeners series come into play, bringing to powder coating industry an unprecedented technological solution to critical points in screening phase. 

      As our numerous supplies in powder coating industry demonstrate, X-Line is able to sieve powders within a contamination-free process, at a higher precision (i.e. 88 µm instead of 180 µm previously applied by one of our Customers) and at a higher capacity: in facts, our Nylon/Polyurethane mesh cleaning is performed by our special multi-frequency device, directly applied onto the mesh to keep it free from blinding. This all turns also into a screener size advantage, because our X-Line can be smaller than a traditional vibrating sieve.

      This video, performed for testing our X-Line’s screening ability with aluminium oxide, perfectly shows our X-Line’s ability to sieve powders fluidly:

      In a few words, Virto-Cuccolini’s X-Line is able to limit electrostatic dispersion within powder coating production, thanks to:

      • A finer mesh, allowing our Customers to add real value to their product in terms of particle size and freedom from contaminations.
      • Eliminating the blinding-effect on the mesh thanks to the multi-frequency technology offered by X-Line
      • 99% separation efficiency, meaning greater yield at higher capacity
      • Quick and effective cleaning of the equipment, thanks to X-Line’s crevice-free design
      • Low maintenance and longer mesh life

      Would you like to check how Virto-Cuccolini’s X-Line is able to improve your powder coating production process? Contact us!

      CUCCOLINI is always unique and original.

      You can receive our free advice to select the type of sieve more suitable to your processing needs, by contacting us

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