Virto-Cuccolini in the front row for you at SOLIDS Parma

Virto-Cuccolini, exhibiting at SOLIDS Parma to present its new screening solutions


From June 14th to 15th, the Italian edition of SOLIDS, the trade show for granules, powders and bulk material handling, will take place for the first time in Parma Fiere. Virto-Cuccolini’s booth is number C01 and will literally be in the front row to showcase its sieving solutions for solid and liquid separation and classification.

Furthermore, new vibrating sieving equipment specific ranges for innovative sectors will be introduced: recovery of metal powders in Additive Manufacturing AM or the already well-known superfood spirulina harvesting; and also the new multi-frequency sieving system, specific for the pharmaceutical sector and critical or fine powders.

Additionally, in the Aftermarket Division area you will be able to directly meet those who work beside you to guarantee Virto-Cuccolini’s vibrating sieves excellent and long-lasting performance through our specialized Spare Parts Services, and technical advice on periodic maintenance and assistance.

Finally, Virto-Cuccolini will be happy to receive its visitors accompanied by the Cuccolini Center & Southern Italy detachment, whose participation will promote the new exclusive partnership project to strengthen the presence of Virto-Cuccolini in the whole Italian territory.


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As we could observe over time, Virto-Cuccolini vibrating screens have always been synonymous with quality as used screens too.

Among the reasons that customers give for choosing one of our used sieves compared to those of other brands, we have for example the fact that, obviously if well maintained, a Virto-Cuccolini screen can last even twenty or thirty years. We can also confirm this through the requests for spare parts that reach our Aftermarket Division!

If you are planning to buy a used Virto-Cuccolini industrial sieve, here are some simple recommendations:

– Check that the identification plate with the serial number is present; it will be useful to require us information where necessary

– Check the year of production: if it is prior to 2000, it is necessary to check with our Aftermarket Division that the spare parts are still available

– Preferably, buy our vibrating screens from companies specialized in the resale of industrial used items, because they carry out the necessary checks before their purchase and can advise you on the possible use of the sieve; Virto-Cuccolini’s Aftermarket Division staff can also support you in this verification based on your new application

– Before starting to use your used Virto-Cuccolini screen, our Aftermarket Division is available to give you the necessary assistance to find out how it should be used, to receive user and maintenance manuals and other advice for the right adjustment

To contact our Aftermarket Division, write to: indicating the serial number of the screen in question (and possibly attach a photo).

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    Are you planning to include a Virto-Cuccolini sieve within your plant?

    Let’s go through some important tips concerning installation and use within a plant so that you can get out the best from Virto-Cuccolini sieving equipment and avoid later issues.

    A vibrating or tumbling sieve is a piece of equipment which – differently from any other comparable processing equipment – needs to move.

    Of course, a sieve must be firmly installed on the ground or on a suitable structure, studied to exclude resonance phenomenon both when the sieve is running dry or with the product. In case such a phenomenon appears, please consider reinforcing the structure accordingly.

    Apart from the bottom part of the sieve, which hosts fixation holes (in its basement or frame), the rest of the sieve structure is moving during the sieving process by vibration or tumbling.

    Therefore, the sieve needs to be installed in a suitable area in which no other rigid structure is present around the sieve in a position that may interfere with the sieve’ movements.

    Analogously, all inlets and outlets must have a flexible connection, in a minimum measure covering 1.5 times the diameter of the inlet or outlet (i.e. diameter 200 mm requires a flexible connection D200 with a minimum height of 300 mm). This means that feeding and discharging equipment shall remain at a reasonable distance from the sieve. Moreover, flanges are not suitable for connection; nothing shall hang from the outlets but the flexible connection alone.

    The sieve is supported by springs; in case the springs are bending or inclined, this means that something is interfering with the sieve stability (maybe some other piping) and a check around the sieve is required.

    Moreover, around the sieve, there must be enough room to allow periodical checks and maintenance. Consider for instance that the mesh supporting ring, whose dimensions are equal to the diameter of the sieve, may need to be disassembled from the machine to allow mesh replacement. With medium and big diameters and depending on the height at which the sieve is installed if not directly at the ground floor, lifting equipment may be needed to carry out this replacement.

    Another important concept to remember is that a sieve can never be used as a buffer. Meshes and their supporting ring are not engineered to support weight, but just a time-limited passage of product through the mesh. Product weighing on the mesh may cause the mesh to relax or even mesh breakage, apart from being a major disruption within the range of allowed vibrations, potentially damaging so the structure of the sieve.

    Should you have any questions concerning sieves installation, do not hesitate to contact Virto-Cuccolini and receive guidance!

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      With more than 20.000 sieves installed worldwide, Virto-Cuccolini has recently decided to reorganise their spare parts and assistance sales by creating a specific Division dedicated to After-Market support.

      Based on the feedback received during decades, a sieve is more frequently than not a “forgotten” unit after installation, especially when the process is continuous.

      “Unless the user is focussed on the sieve’s process for some practical reason – like the need to replace the mesh size due to handling different products or product’s cut points within a process, or a frequent cleaning of the unit for hygienic purpose in food or pharma industries – unfortunately, most of the maintenance operators are forgetting to check sieve’s conditions periodically, says Katia Motta, Virto-Cuccolini’s CEO and Head of the newborn After-Market Division. “This may be experienced as a good sign – the sieve is not requiring much attention, needs only a few spares and is statistically less subject to failure. Therefore it may be seen as a “maintenance manager’s best friend”; on the other hand, there is a downfall when the right maintenance timing is missed, and typical wearing parts fail, as, of course, in the end, they are supposed to.”

      With supply chains experiencing troubles and long overseas shipping times this year, a failing wearing component may stop a sieving process for some time if the spare part is not available on site.

      “All of typical wearing spare parts within our current range are available on stock here in Reggio Emilia so that we can support our Customers even in times of trouble. However,” Miss Motta suggests, “maintenance should not be left to the case. All in all, there are just a couple of things that are required to be checked on a sieve: the conditions of the mesh, of the two main gaskets and, if installed, of cleaning system media (balls, cylinders). The mesh, of course, is the heart of the process, and at the same time, it cannot be but a wearing part due to its elasticity; it needs special care also from the point of view of sieving process feeding (always continuous, batch product falling on the mesh shall be avoided in any case!). A mesh already installed on a spare ring is always the best solution to reduce maintenance time to a very minimum.”

      The frequency of maintenance checks can vary based on Customers’ processes.

      “And that’s where we suggest paying attention: there is no rule valid for all cases, since maintenance frequency depends on the specific process characteristics, and ultimately, on use frequency”, explains Miss Motta. “If your sieve is working 24h/day for a safety sieving, of course, it is going to require a maintenance check as soon as there is a production stop, and typically a replacement of main spares once every 3-6 months. If working for less time than that, and the sieved product is not particularly abrasive, a 6-months check can do.”

      Virto-Cuccolini’s sieves are offered with a wide range of options covering all industries’ requirements.

      “A Virto-Cuccolini sieve is always “your sieve”. With the unit’s Serial No. available, we have access to the original manufacturing documentation and are always ready to support our customers with the right answers. Just drop us a line at, and we’ll be back to you as soon as possible.”

      Would you like to receive our specific maintenance suggestions for your sieving process? Contact us by using the below form, and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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        The Virto-Cuccolini team has worked hard in recent months to achieve their goals when the market starts again after the pandemic!

        We deserved a little break, from May 29 to June 02 at the Italian Republic Day (June 02).

        We will be operational again on June 03, 2021.

        If in the meantime you need our support, you can write to us using the form below.
        See you soon!

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          Dear Customers, Suppliers, Partners,


          It is with great pleasure that I welcome my appointment as CEO of Cuccolini Srl by the Company’s owner, Virto Group. When I started my cooperation with Cuccolini as a strategy consultant back in 2018, I could not imagine that about 30 months later I would have been entrusted to cover this role – moreover, during a period while the whole world is going through a great, historical change in business dynamics.

          Virto-Cuccolini is undergoing a complete transformation, which these challenging times have given the advantage to come at the right moment. Not only we are reorganizing our market presence by consolidating and building upon the experience created during 30 years of sieves supplies to a wide and multifaceted range of industries; we are also doing this by constantly adapting ourselves to a new mentality, which puts change at the centre of our daily routine.

          Change pushes people to measure their abilities within a different context than the usual one. This enables learning new skills and looking at reality from different perspectives. It helps to open our minds and to find a new balance, clearing out our thoughts towards what matters. Our team proved to be the right one to follow this journey and therefore, is set to let the Company grow faster than expected.


          Within such a context, investment is the key. As long as trusted people are able to keep doing their daily job by tackling any issue that may arise in an unstable environment like the one we are living in, it means that a solid basis is available to look ahead and plan the immediate future. This is Virto-Cuccolini now, and we are happy to serve the market every single day of this unpredictable era.

          I thank Virto Group and the Cuccolini team for their constant support and shared responsibility in going through this unbelievable challenge. I am happy to offer my 20-year long experience in Bulk Handling Industry with the aim to support the Company reaching their growth objectives.

          May year 2021 be a fruitful one for all of our Customers, Suppliers, Partners and Stakeholders!

          Ms Katia Motta

          CEO & General Manager

          Cuccolini Srl – Virto Group

          December 2020

          A sieve is an ancient tool, born in agriculture, to easily separate fine products of different sizes through a mesh thanks to the simple shaking with the hands.


          This simple technology has been transferred to the industrial world to serve the most diverse applications and still has room to spread along with production innovations.

          From the simplicity of the agricultural sieve, Virto-Cuccolini over time has developed screens with configurations that are always adapted not only to the application but also to the specific context of use.

          In fact, the range of Virto-Cuccolini screens includes:

          – 3 different screening technologies to choose from the most suitable for the specific case:

          – in each product family, models suitable for different screening objectives (safety screening, classification, dedusting, solid / liquid separation)

          a wide range of sizes in order to satisfy the different capacity requests

          4 different finishing levels, from basic to food (2 types) and finally to pharmaceutical

          – an infinite range of meshes in stainless steel, nylon, polyurethane and with meshes from 7-10 microns to 2 cm, depending on the product to be screened

          several automatic mesh cleaning systems to keep it free from clogging and always efficient

          different methods of installing the screening mesh, also depending on the maintenance habits of each individual customer

          more stages of separation in case of classification (from 2 to 4)

          – variants, tricks and adjustments that allow the screen to be adapted to the behaviour of the product on the mesh to obtain the maximum possible efficiency

          – some versions with compact dimensions that are well suited to any installation context

          A Virto-Cuccolini sieve is not “just a sieve”: it is the fruit of the sieving culture developed by Virto-Cuccolini, which not only treasures over 30 years of industrial experience but continues every day in experimentation and development alongside our customers with an experienced team, always open to test new solutions.

          A Virto-Cuccolini sieve is, above all, YOUR sieve: made just for you, always looking for the best relationship between price and the level of quality and performance you are looking for. Contact us to find out more using the form below!

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            Tailings management is today at the centre of a global discussion within the mining industry.

            Since the tragedy taking place at the Corrego do Feijão mine in Brasil in 2019, an international panel of experts has been analyzing and discussing new standards for the management of tailings facilities.

            The result is a set of guidelines released in August 2020 – the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management – which is opening a new vision for tailing facilities and their management, including a stronger safety concept for the surrounding areas.

            Besides safety, also environment and finances can benefit from innovative management of tailings. The truth is, that what has always been considered as waste, still contains a good amount of valuable product that can be recovered and reused – provided of course that the right technology is available to support this process.

            In facts, most coal fines (<1mm) were previously discarded due to unavailability of processing technologies to produce a premium product for export. Further research has shown that most of the fine coal is normally contaminated by <45 µm particles which cannot properly and efficiently be removed by cyclones.

            Following is what Virto-Cuccolini could experience back in 2014-15 when first testing the use of X-Line multi-frequency screening technology within the recovery of a tailing facility in Vreiheid, South Africa.

            In that case, our objective was to test the ability of our X-Line rectangular screens to reduce the content of ash within anthracite coal waste fines from 35 to 16% at a yield of 40-50%. Virto-Cuccolini’s X-Line screens were installed at the recovery plant to screen about one mln tons of fines being drained from three different dumps.

            In particular, a scalping screen had the task to separate the main product pumped from the pond between the oversize > 3mm and the undersize < 3 mm.

            The undersize was screened by two Virto-Cuccolini’s screens at 100 µm with a flow rate of about 40 t/h, of which about 30% was a solid product. At this stage, the first macro-dewatering process took place.

            After this, the product was further separated by density through four spirals and finally treated by four Virto-Cuccolini’s X-Line dewatering screens which refined the job at 250 µm, leaving the product at a final humidity of about 15%. The final product showed an ash content below 16%, which could make into metallurgical quality coal. At full production, the plant was delivering about 160-200 tons of screened product per day.

            Here is the video of this incredible first experience for us:

            What is so special about X-Line innovative multi-frequency screening technology, which brought us to achieve such results?

            X-Line’s power is focusing on keeping the screening mesh free from clogging.

            With this special feature, obtained by applying an incredible force on the screen’s mesh only, it is easy to achieve fine screening in combination with significant flowrates, and therefore, create new perspectives for industrial applications.

            Virto-Cuccolini’s X-Line screens were able to:

            – create a new fine and less toxic product

            – free the pond from the tailings and bring it back to its natural conditions

            – optimize the use of energy within the process

            – minimize downtime and maintenance

            It is, therefore, with enthusiasm that we welcome the new tailings management guidelines!

            We are sure that Virto-Cuccolini’s range of X-Line multi-frequency screens, together with the experience we could accumulate so far, will be a useful solution in support of a new way to manage tailings facilities and bring more respect for people and environment.

            Would you like to learn more about tailings management by Virto-Cuccolini’s X-Line multi-frequency technology? Send us a message with your case by using the form here below, and we’ll come back to you at soonest with our proposed solution!

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              Looking back at the last six months, Virto-Cuccolini’s team could reach important results even during such challenging times like the Covid19 emergency.

              Despite the closing of our production activities for three weeks and a limitation for a further three weeks following Government Decrees in Italy, our thoughts were focused on maintaining stability and development in our business.

              Therefore, all Company’s Departments reorganized their work to maintain the original schedule, with the result that we were also able to speed up our program!

              And here are our achievements:

              – enhancement of our pneumatic conveying series with the designing of one new model (currently under testing)

              – completion of the VP1 size 1200 project, with the first machine delivered in August 2020

              – technical improvements to our VTU tumblers and VPF pharmaceutical sieving equipment range

              – creation of a new brand and catalogue for our ceramic machinery range (here our new dedicated website)

              – testing of new applications in our lab

              – improvement of our production planning, with a general average reduction of 2 weeks lead-time

              All this was achieved while we were putting in place and maintaining all necessary health and safety rules decided by the Italian Government.

              As we learned during this extraordinary situation, remaining focused on our business even during such unforeseeable circumstances was key to keep the business going and fruitful. Being forced to work at a distance also contributed to enhancing our teamwork and sense of belonging to a common project.

              Would like to learn more about our most recent products or in general about our news? Write us a message using the form here below, and we’ll be happy to reach out to you at soonest!

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                Mechanical vibration is a measure used to create movement in a specific product during its processing.

                In the case of vibrating sieves and screens, the vibration is created with the aim to randomly move the particles of a product on a mesh table or deck, which is meant to retain the bigger particles which cannot flow through the mesh’s apertures.

                Vibration can be gentle or hard, depending on the aim of the process and on the force necessary to achieve a free movement of the particles on the sieve.

                Is it possible to sieve a fragile product and maintain its physical characteristics unaltered throughout the process?

                After our decades-long experience with many different products and applications, we can say – yes, it is.

                Here are three enlightening examples:

                These three cases all have in common the goal, not just to separate the product of main interest from the by-product (coffee grains from coffee grain fragments; live larvae from sawdust; spirulina algae from their cultivating water); but also to maintain the product’s physical characteristics completely unaltered.

                Thanks to the specific focus that Virto-Cuccolini’s technical team is dedicating to each application we are required to test, it is possible to achieve a suitable configuration of the main elements which are responsible for vibration in a sieve: the motovibrators’ power and masses; the tension of the mesh; sometimes, also the type of mesh can make a difference.

                Are you thinking of sieving a fragile product and you are not sure it can work? Contact us to organize a test and we can check together how to configure the best possible solution for your needs!

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