Virto-Cuccolini in the front row for you at SOLIDS Parma

Virto-Cuccolini, exhibiting at SOLIDS Parma to present its new screening solutions


From June 14th to 15th, the Italian edition of SOLIDS, the trade show for granules, powders and bulk material handling, will take place for the first time in Parma Fiere. Virto-Cuccolini’s booth is number C01 and will literally be in the front row to showcase its sieving solutions for solid and liquid separation and classification.

Furthermore, new vibrating sieving equipment specific ranges for innovative sectors will be introduced: recovery of metal powders in Additive Manufacturing AM or the already well-known superfood spirulina harvesting; and also the new multi-frequency sieving system, specific for the pharmaceutical sector and critical or fine powders.

Additionally, in the Aftermarket Division area you will be able to directly meet those who work beside you to guarantee Virto-Cuccolini’s vibrating sieves excellent and long-lasting performance through our specialized Spare Parts Services, and technical advice on periodic maintenance and assistance.

Finally, Virto-Cuccolini will be happy to receive its visitors accompanied by the Cuccolini Center & Southern Italy detachment, whose participation will promote the new exclusive partnership project to strengthen the presence of Virto-Cuccolini in the whole Italian territory.


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As we could observe over time, Virto-Cuccolini vibrating screens have always been synonymous with quality as used screens too.

Among the reasons that customers give for choosing one of our used sieves compared to those of other brands, we have for example the fact that, obviously if well maintained, a Virto-Cuccolini screen can last even twenty or thirty years. We can also confirm this through the requests for spare parts that reach our Aftermarket Division!

If you are planning to buy a used Virto-Cuccolini industrial sieve, here are some simple recommendations:

– Check that the identification plate with the serial number is present; it will be useful to require us information where necessary

– Check the year of production: if it is prior to 2000, it is necessary to check with our Aftermarket Division that the spare parts are still available

– Preferably, buy our vibrating screens from companies specialized in the resale of industrial used items, because they carry out the necessary checks before their purchase and can advise you on the possible use of the sieve; Virto-Cuccolini’s Aftermarket Division staff can also support you in this verification based on your new application

– Before starting to use your used Virto-Cuccolini screen, our Aftermarket Division is available to give you the necessary assistance to find out how it should be used, to receive user and maintenance manuals and other advice for the right adjustment

To contact our Aftermarket Division, write to: indicating the serial number of the screen in question (and possibly attach a photo).

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    With more than 20.000 sieves installed worldwide, Virto-Cuccolini has recently decided to reorganise their spare parts and assistance sales by creating a specific Division dedicated to After-Market support.

    Based on the feedback received during decades, a sieve is more frequently than not a “forgotten” unit after installation, especially when the process is continuous.

    “Unless the user is focussed on the sieve’s process for some practical reason – like the need to replace the mesh size due to handling different products or product’s cut points within a process, or a frequent cleaning of the unit for hygienic purpose in food or pharma industries – unfortunately, most of the maintenance operators are forgetting to check sieve’s conditions periodically, says Katia Motta, Virto-Cuccolini’s CEO and Head of the newborn After-Market Division. “This may be experienced as a good sign – the sieve is not requiring much attention, needs only a few spares and is statistically less subject to failure. Therefore it may be seen as a “maintenance manager’s best friend”; on the other hand, there is a downfall when the right maintenance timing is missed, and typical wearing parts fail, as, of course, in the end, they are supposed to.”

    With supply chains experiencing troubles and long overseas shipping times this year, a failing wearing component may stop a sieving process for some time if the spare part is not available on site.

    “All of typical wearing spare parts within our current range are available on stock here in Reggio Emilia so that we can support our Customers even in times of trouble. However,” Miss Motta suggests, “maintenance should not be left to the case. All in all, there are just a couple of things that are required to be checked on a sieve: the conditions of the mesh, of the two main gaskets and, if installed, of cleaning system media (balls, cylinders). The mesh, of course, is the heart of the process, and at the same time, it cannot be but a wearing part due to its elasticity; it needs special care also from the point of view of sieving process feeding (always continuous, batch product falling on the mesh shall be avoided in any case!). A mesh already installed on a spare ring is always the best solution to reduce maintenance time to a very minimum.”

    The frequency of maintenance checks can vary based on Customers’ processes.

    “And that’s where we suggest paying attention: there is no rule valid for all cases, since maintenance frequency depends on the specific process characteristics, and ultimately, on use frequency”, explains Miss Motta. “If your sieve is working 24h/day for a safety sieving, of course, it is going to require a maintenance check as soon as there is a production stop, and typically a replacement of main spares once every 3-6 months. If working for less time than that, and the sieved product is not particularly abrasive, a 6-months check can do.”

    Virto-Cuccolini’s sieves are offered with a wide range of options covering all industries’ requirements.

    “A Virto-Cuccolini sieve is always “your sieve”. With the unit’s Serial No. available, we have access to the original manufacturing documentation and are always ready to support our customers with the right answers. Just drop us a line at, and we’ll be back to you as soon as possible.”

    Would you like to receive our specific maintenance suggestions for your sieving process? Contact us by using the below form, and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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      A sieve is an ancient tool, born in agriculture, to easily separate fine products of different sizes through a mesh thanks to the simple shaking with the hands.


      This simple technology has been transferred to the industrial world to serve the most diverse applications and still has room to spread along with production innovations.

      From the simplicity of the agricultural sieve, Virto-Cuccolini over time has developed screens with configurations that are always adapted not only to the application but also to the specific context of use.

      In fact, the range of Virto-Cuccolini screens includes:

      – 3 different screening technologies to choose from the most suitable for the specific case:

      – in each product family, models suitable for different screening objectives (safety screening, classification, dedusting, solid / liquid separation)

      a wide range of sizes in order to satisfy the different capacity requests

      4 different finishing levels, from basic to food (2 types) and finally to pharmaceutical

      – an infinite range of meshes in stainless steel, nylon, polyurethane and with meshes from 7-10 microns to 2 cm, depending on the product to be screened

      several automatic mesh cleaning systems to keep it free from clogging and always efficient

      different methods of installing the screening mesh, also depending on the maintenance habits of each individual customer

      more stages of separation in case of classification (from 2 to 4)

      – variants, tricks and adjustments that allow the screen to be adapted to the behaviour of the product on the mesh to obtain the maximum possible efficiency

      – some versions with compact dimensions that are well suited to any installation context

      A Virto-Cuccolini sieve is not “just a sieve”: it is the fruit of the sieving culture developed by Virto-Cuccolini, which not only treasures over 30 years of industrial experience but continues every day in experimentation and development alongside our customers with an experienced team, always open to test new solutions.

      A Virto-Cuccolini sieve is, above all, YOUR sieve: made just for you, always looking for the best relationship between price and the level of quality and performance you are looking for. Contact us to find out more using the form below!

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        A new brand is born at Cuccolini Srl.

        We are happy to celebrate in 2020 our first 30 years of presence in the ceramic industry and we invite you to discover our new brand and website:

        Click on the above link and enjoy!

        Coronavirus emergency is striking globally – and this means we have all to unite our forces to overcome this issue.

        Virto-Cuccolini’s site is in Reggio Emilia, Northern Italy, an area which is now under strict control by authorities in the effort to reduce contagion at its minimum.

        Among our Customers are pharmaceutical, food Companies and other business producing basic necessities: we know very well that we cannot stop our production for them and their Customers.

        On the contrary: we have arranged our production with smart solutions which are enabling us not only to maintain, but also to increase our support in terms of spare parts – so that primary businesses can seamlessly go on with their work.

        We are also taking care of our team’s necessities by arranging smart working for employees whenever it is possible and by reorganising our production rooms accordingly.

        So we are proudly remaining active and responding at our best to this unprecedented situation, knowing that whenever sieving equipment is required for main needs, Virto-Cuccolini is there at your side.

        Should you need to contact our smart working sales department, please use the below form and we will contact you back at soonest!

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          Screeners are said to be the most often forgotten machinery in a facility.

          Once installed, a well-sized vibrating sieve carefully configured for the application does not require significant maintenance. It has no rotating parts and does not require human intervention during the process.

          However, we have to remember that the heart of a vibrating screen is the mesh – or the meshes, in case you have more than one deck.

          The mesh is usually made of metal or nylon wire. It is designed to be elastic so that it can be tensioned on its housing ring; despite this, it maintains the elasticity necessary to transmit the vibrations to the product to be sieved.

          That’s why the mesh is a delicate component: it needs particular attention both during its assembly and over time.

          Breakage of the mesh cancels the sieving action – an event that can damage the process into which the product enters through the sieving phase.

          To always have a perfect sieve, therefore, we recommend that you periodically check the status of its mesh or meshes. The verification period depends on the type of production cycle and must be defined accordingly, soon after the start-up phase.

          At the same time, to avoid machine stoppages due to the breaking of the mesh, it is advisable always to have a spare mesh available, to be installed on the ring or already pre-installed on an extra ring.

          In addition to the mesh, if present, it is also necessary to check the state of the cleaning elements – balls or cylinders – which wear out over time, gradually reducing their unclogging effect.

          Virto-Cuccolini is always available to assist you on your production sieves, providing the necessary spare parts and also other tips to optimize the result of your sieving. You can contact us through the form below, sending us your questions and we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible!

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            As a manufacturer of industrial sieves and screens, Virto-Cuccolini has the opportunity to go through the supply chains that recycle valuable products, such as glass, in this case. Let’s follow this path together!


            Glass has always been a 100% recoverable material. After crushing, glass fragments can be put back into the production cycle to create new objects.

            The most recent developments in the glass market require increasing attention to the separation of the fragments, to identify the materials of greatest value or technical interest by grain size.

            A part of these fragments is also sold to the ceramic industry for the preparation of raw materials. Glass particles are treated to form grit or ceramic frit with great attention to their particle size parameters, in order to determine the best possible composition and obtain a final product (tiles, dishes) with the desired technical and decorative characteristics.

            In this case too, Virto-Cuccolini, with the T-Line tumbler screen, is able to effectively classify grits according to their dimensions, thus supporting our customers in this industry in creating different and efficiently divided products, according to the desired dimensions.

            Here is an example of one of our tumblers installed in Italy.

            This is also the goal of our X-Line multi-frequency screens, which have long been used in the glass recycling industry to extract the most valuable parts for an increasingly demanding sector.

            In the photo alongside, you can see one of our X-Line installed at an Italian glass recycling company.

            Do you want to learn more about how we can help you with glass recycling? Contact us for more information!

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              Virto-Cuccolini has just confirmed its participation in the Samoter 2020 in Verona, from May 16 to 20, within the Anepla collective booth!

              At Samoter we will give you a taste of our X-Line multi-frequency sieving technology and the results achieved so far in the world of aggregates and minerals for increasingly fine and efficient sieving.

              To reach us on the Anepla stand and organize a meeting with our staff, please book by filling in the form below:

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                “I hope you realize that every day is a fresh start for you. That every sunrise is a new chapter in your life waiting to be written.”
                ― Juansen Dizon, Confessions of a Wallflower

                Virto-Cuccolini team is going on vacation from Dec 21, 2019 to Jan 06, 2020.

                For any urgent matter, please write to us through the form here below, we’ll answer at soonest.

                Enjoy your holidays, we’ll be back soon!

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