Solids Parma 2024: Virto-Cuccolini’s innovative solutions

Solids Parma 2024: Virto-Cuccolini’s innovative solutions

Virto-Cuccolini successfully participated in Solids, the second edition of the Italian manufacturing industry trade show focused on powders, granules, and bulk solids handling and processing technologies. Held on June 5th & 6th in Parma, one of Italy’s most important industrial and agricultural focal points, in Emilia-Romagna, the event provided a platform for showcasing Virto-Cuccolini’s vibrating sieving solutions.

Virto-Cuccolini’s versatile vibrating sieves are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications and processes. These screens, designed for separation, classification, control, and dedusting, are frequently installed across numerous sectors, including food, pharmaceutical, automotive, agricultural, and the expanding recycling industry.

Virto-Cuccolini’s vibrating sieves extend beyond powder screening: they can also effectively manage viscous and dense liquids, thereby reducing process water treatment costs and improving suspended solids extraction.

During Solids 2024, Virto-Cuccolini shared its expertise in two significant events. The first was a panel discussion on post-consumer plastics recycling technologies, where two solutions for solid-liquid separation were highlighted. The second event introduced an innovative sieving system integrated with preventive maintenance software.

The presence of the Aftermarket Division, which focuses on spare parts, components regeneration, and on-demand consultancy during post-sales and post-installation phases, further showcased the comprehensive solutions offered by Virto-Cuccolini.

Virto-Cuccolini’s extensive knowledge of industrial production processes involving bulk solids and liquids enables it to provide the optimal configuration for each client’s needs, ensuring superior screening results and lifelong client support.

Virto-Cuccolini at Solids Parma 2024: our business approach

Virto-Cuccolini vibrating screens: filtration as a versatile solution for multi-sector applications


Virto-Cuccolini’s vibrating sieves are emerging as a transformative influence in a constantly shifting industrial panorama. Clearly showing a significant versatility beyond their traditional role in separating solids and powders, the vibrating screens also offer advanced solutions for the filtration of liquids in different industrial sectors.

Virto-Cuccolini’s sieving equipment has set a new standard in liquid filtration. Their ability to efficiently handle liquid filtration has elevated their status within the industry. Their utility extends beyond solid particle separation, to include essential roles in the treatment scheme of industrial waters and process fluids.

Virto-Cuccolini’s vibrating screens proficiency in filtering solid particles is supported by recent tests which confirm their ability to filter particles below 100 microns, delivering high performance levels without necessitating pre-filtration steps that could otherwise lead to system overload.

Application tests were performed in the agricultural biomass sector for digestate filtration in fertilizers and biogas derivate production; in the alcoholic beverage sector, and also in the produce food production, as a measure to treat waste fluids derived from manufacturing processes. The goal is to minimize wastewater treatment and disposal costs and, where feasible, recycle the filtered liquid back into production lines.

With the range of Virto-Cuccolini vibrating screens for liquid filtration, the company stands as an ideal partner for technological innovation. The company’s know-how spans solid and liquid sieving solutions, focusing on addressing sector-specific challenges. This expertise, combined with a commitment to economic and environmental sustainability, makes Virto-Cuccolini a strategic partner for many clients that need support in enhancing their production processes.

If you need to purify a liquid before water treatment or extract a suspended solid from your product, contact us by filling the form below. We’ll be happy to assist you!

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    Virto-Cuccolini successfully took part as one of the main exhibitors in the first Italian edition of Solids, the leading trade show for powders, granules and bulk solids handling and processing technologies. The event was held in Parma, one of Italy’s most important industrial and agricultural points of convergence, in Emilia-Romagna.

    With a 60m² stand and pointing up a clear technology transversality, Virto-Cuccolini presented its screening solutions for various industrial applications and processes, which have been used for years in a vast range of industrial sectors, including Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Nutraceutical, etc.

    Visitors also had the opportunity to see the specific screening solutions directly: separation systems for grated cheese and powdered milk, as well as whey filtration and spirulina harvesting. Because Virto-Cuccolini’s vibrating sieves are also used for liquids, sludges and slurries.

    In addition, in recent years, the Aftermarket Division was created to provide spare parts, along with training for operators and scheduled or extraordinary maintenance planning, not to mention a prompt consultancy service in after-sales and/or post-installation phases.

    Virto-Cuccolini offers solutions based on an extensive know-how of industrial production processes involving bulk ingredients and delivering the most suitable and functional specific configuration to achieve reliable and high-quality screening results.

    Interview Virto-Cuccolini at Solids Parma 2023: Manufacturing Dept and Aftermarket Division

    Virto-Cuccolini, exhibiting at SOLIDS Parma to present its new screening solutions


    From June 14th to 15th, the Italian edition of SOLIDS, the trade show for granules, powders and bulk material handling, will take place for the first time in Parma Fiere. Virto-Cuccolini’s booth is number C01 and will literally be in the front row to showcase its sieving solutions for solid and liquid separation and classification.

    Furthermore, new vibrating sieving equipment specific ranges for innovative sectors will be introduced: recovery of metal powders in Additive Manufacturing AM or the already well-known superfood spirulina harvesting; and also the new multi-frequency sieving system, specific for the pharmaceutical sector and critical or fine powders.

    Additionally, in the Aftermarket Division area you will be able to directly meet those who work beside you to guarantee Virto-Cuccolini’s vibrating sieves excellent and long-lasting performance through our specialized Spare Parts Services, and technical advice on periodic maintenance and assistance.

    Finally, Virto-Cuccolini will be happy to receive its visitors accompanied by the Cuccolini Center & Southern Italy detachment, whose participation will promote the new exclusive partnership project to strengthen the presence of Virto-Cuccolini in the whole Italian territory.


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    Is total automation really responding to the daily needs of its users? In the constant dialogue with our customer base, divergent positions concerning this topic are emerging.

    In the 3D printing market, there are various existing solutions for the recovery of metal powders following the Additive Manufacturing printing process. These technologies have developed with the prospect of becoming increasingly automated.

    However, Virto-Cuccolini’s new solution combines ease of use with accurate screening performance for the recycling and reconditioning of metal powders.

    In fact, the 3D-500 system covers numerous end users’ daily demands:

    A technically complete and ready-to-use unit in its full-optional version: This is a sieving solution, specifically designed for fine powders, with predisposition for inert gas purging and oxygen level sensor; it also includes a mesh cleaning system to prevent mesh clogging and a PLC panel configured to control the sieve’s working logic together with inertising, and eventually data exchange with the rest of the plant;

    Easy disassembly for easy cleaning: Opening the machine without tools allows reducing cleaning phases; the quick clamps that hold the unit tight are designed to keep the components’ quality unchanged over time, even when handled daily;

    Simple maintenance, also thanks to the constant support of the Virto-Cuccolini Aftermarket Division

    – The vibrating sieve unit can be offered with flexible sleeves and collection containers -bins- for product handling, according to customer needs; it’s also possible to customize inlet and outlet connections to suit any AM configuration requirement.

    As a new type of Additive Manufacturing process, 3D printing with metal powders is currently in full development, and Virto-Cuccolini is pleased to support customers who intend to reclaim their metal powder batches, carrying out their recovery through fine vibrating sieving. Our system, also designed to reduce operational costs, helps preserving the quality of these precious raw materials, essential for the AM industry supply chains.


    Do you want to know more about the Virto-Cuccolini 3D-500 system? Send us your request using the form below!

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      During 2022, Virto-Cuccolini had the opportunity to exercise a new layout on one of its own products. Following the specific need of an important customer in the pharmaceutical sector, a variation of the feeding cover was designed to improve the pouring dynamics of bagged powder ingredients. Consequently, a new upper part of the vibrating sieve model VPF 800 was built.

      After a careful engineering feasibility assessment, the following main modifications were made, aiming at optimizing the machine’s functionality within operators’ daily activities. The design, specially taking into account the opening of also cubic bags, is equipped with a semi-circular hood connected to a concave surface for supporting bags; with a working height suitable for facilitating emptying of bags directly delivered by an horizontal source. The project is completed with handles to ease assembly and disassembly of the hood, together with quick release clamping rings to speed up the task.

      In this way Virto-Cuccolini has supported not only the customer’s needs in terms of machine’s performance and functionality, but also its ergonomics, keeping the quality of the vibrating sieve unchanged and also supplying increased workplace well-being and safety of the operators.

      The customer, declaring themselves satisfied, then purchased two units; and another customer from the food sector requested the same innovative fitting on a VPB 800.

      For Virto-Cuccolini it was an interesting concerted ergonomic design experience, which allowed the team to learn new points of view on their sieving equipment and their use.




      Are you looking for a suitable solution for your bag emptying station? Contact us by filling out the form below the video. We will be happy to assist you!

      New Virto-Cuccolini sacktip in pharmaceutic version

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        As it has been possible to observe with more than 30 active installations worldwide, Virto-Cuccolini Spirulina Harvesting Range (SHT) is supporting final product’s quality in many ways.

        The performance of SHT range is based on proven results which can be summed up as following:

        – Spirulina cells’ integrity after sieving: Virto-Cuccolini’s vibrating sieving equipment has great care of the product particles, which proved to remain whole after passing through the sieving process and therefore keeping nutrients content unchanged, versus other harvesting methods available in the market

        – Harvesting efficiency: our harvesting range typically covers from 30 down to 7 µm (end of harvesting campaign); moreover, the specific construction shape of our sieves is guaranteeing a high efficiency of the system (harvests are 15-30% higher than other types of vibrating sieves), thanks to the effective vibration of our sieving section

        In addition to the above, while spirulina cultivation is getting great amounts of attention, it is fundamental to keep in mind that harvesting efficiency, and therefore product quality, can be properly obtained in combination with a processing time that is proportioned to the need of fine sieving spirulina cells. This is a fact within any mechanical sieving process in any context.

        To check the above points, Virto-Cuccolini is available to make small renting units available for testing the process and checking the difference.

        Would you like to test the performance of the new Virto-Cuccolini SHT line for Spirulina harvesting? Contact us using the form below.

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          SHT – Spirulina Harvesting Technology is the new Virto-Cuccolini line for the collection of spirulina.

          Developed over the last 24 months together with spirulina producers from various parts of the world, the new Virto-Cuccolini SHT line is designed to meet all the needs of those who have to collect spirulina from small to large flowrates, with single systems or integrated with cultivation water recirculation solutions.




          Three VLB vibrating screens are available in 3 different stand-alone sizes: 800 (small productions), 1200 (intermediate productions) and 1500 (large productions).

          The flowrates, within these categories, may vary based on the desired cutting point: for an evaluation, Virto-Cuccolini is at your complete disposal.

          VLB 1200




          The complete station is based on a 1200 size screen and includes both the suction pump of the product to be screened and the one for the recirculation of the cultivation water.

          The systems of the SHT line are available in Aisi 304 stainless steel for fresh water and Aisi 316 for water with higher salt content.

          To contact the Virto-Cuccolini staff and ask for more information on the new SHT – Spirulina Harvesting Technology line, you can use the form below, specifying your request!

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            Coronavirus emergency is striking globally – and this means we have all to unite our forces to overcome this issue.

            Virto-Cuccolini’s site is in Reggio Emilia, Northern Italy, an area which is now under strict control by authorities in the effort to reduce contagion at its minimum.

            Among our Customers are pharmaceutical, food Companies and other business producing basic necessities: we know very well that we cannot stop our production for them and their Customers.

            On the contrary: we have arranged our production with smart solutions which are enabling us not only to maintain, but also to increase our support in terms of spare parts – so that primary businesses can seamlessly go on with their work.

            We are also taking care of our team’s necessities by arranging smart working for employees whenever it is possible and by reorganising our production rooms accordingly.

            So we are proudly remaining active and responding at our best to this unprecedented situation, knowing that whenever sieving equipment is required for main needs, Virto-Cuccolini is there at your side.

            Should you need to contact our smart working sales department, please use the below form and we will contact you back at soonest!

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              Are you a fan of macarons – as we at Virto-Cuccolini mostly are?

              If so, you should know that egg white plays an important role within the consistency of the macaron – when foamed and then cooked, it creates a light, delicious body, which fills your mouth with sweetness and flavor.

              Egg white is mostly sold as a food ingredient in powder nowadays, which makes it easier to handle and can also be even more easily incorporated into the dough.

              We happened to test egg white powder for safety sieving with our VP2 C-Line circular vibrating sieve. We initially thought that this type of powder would not be that easy to sieve, due to its tendency to agglomerate. On the contrary, we were pleased to discover that our vibrating sieving technology can handle this task quite well, as you can see from below video shot in our lab:

              Thanks to safety sieving, we are able not just to separate foreign bodies that may enter your product in bulk, but also to improve the fineness of your ingredients and the texture of your final product by removing lumps.

              Would you like to check whether your food ingredients can be sieved before use? You can contact us by using below form, you will be contacted back from us at soonest!

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